Got a heart done drown in a thousand rivers
Thousand years of a thousand winters
Thousand tears of blood and cinders
For a thousand brothers and sisters

St. Lou rain down in poundin' sheets
Hound dogs howlin' in the Shaolin streets
In Charleston heat they weepin’ and moan
Orlando been brought down low

Hey man, I don't know how to save my soul
When you got me in a chokehold!

Can I get a CEASEFIRE, buddy
Yeah a little bitta CEASEFIRE, buddy
Hey, we need a CEASEFIRE
Hands up hundred feet high
Ain't gettin' any peace til the CEASEFIRE, buddy

Can I get a little CEASEFIRE
Set a peace fire
Like spreading kerosene on a grease fire
Instead of playing a role
Politicians stickin' flag pins into bullet holes

Where can a young man run?
Where'd the damn gun in your hand come from?
From Africa to Boston Massacre to Selma
Attica to Staten Island down to Carolina
It's the same old song
Someone gotta stand up strong!


Now's about time that LOVE gets a mention
LOVE is the question
LOVE is a constant invention
The pain and the path and the power of redemption
Love jumps fences
The price and the priceless
Love is relentless
Love is stronger than the 2nd Amendment
Y'all it may sound funny
But Love is the ceasefire, honey